I’ve been a graphic and web designer for around 17 years now and in all that time I’ve been fascinated by typography and how a considered selection in type can bring the dullest of projects to life!

The problem was for a long time when it came to creating designs for clients websites. See, up until recently all website and digital designers were restricted to the same fonts you normally get to use in Microsoft Word. Arial, Helvetica, Times New Roman, Georgia and Courier.

Now as much as you can do with these fonts, it really did limit you in the digital world to creating really striking designs.

With the dawn of CSS3, TypeKit, Google Fonts and all manner of technological answers available to website designers and developers nowadays, Times New Roman can finally be kicked to the curb!

Nearly every font is now available and website design is really starting to look amazing and the lines between high end printed brochures and websites is now being blurred.

Now, the only problem is – which font to choose!