Google have announced their new algorithm in the last few weeks which will begin demoting any website that does is not mobile friendly.

Donned ‘Mobilegeddon‘ by Channel4, the good and the great of internet land, the algorithm goes live on April 21st 2015 and will take around a week to take effect across the globe. With search and website traffic being around 51% of all website views you can see why Google is now bringing about this change.

So what effect will the Google Mobile Friendly algorithm have on your website?

If it’s not mobile friendly (Not sure if it is or not? Search for your business name on a smart device and look for ‘Mobile Friendly’ next to your website name. If not there. You’re not mobile friendly!) you will begin to see from this week your ranking on Google come down, which will mean less visitors to your site.

Mobile Friendly Google Coventry


What will Google be looking at in terms of being mobile friendly?

Google will now be looking at:

  1. How simple your navigation menu is
  2. If your website is responsive (i.e. if it adjusts in size to smart devices and tablets)
  3. If your images and the fonts you use adapt to the screen the site is being viewed on
  4. If there are clear and simple ‘Call to Actions’.
  5. Page Speed. How long it takes to load your website. Mobile phones need to have

So how can you make your website mobile friendly I hear you ask?

The quickest and best way is to convert your website to a mobile friendly WordPress website. I’m currently converting many of my clients old WordPress websites, while also taking static websites and converting them to WordPress.

I have been building mobile friendly websites for the past 2 years. Feel free to check out my 2 latest websites: Fargo Village & Clan Media.

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Or call on 02476 980 630 and let’s get your website working for Google and Mobile!