You’ve got your website looking the way you want it. Its been achieving a high ranking on Google for some time, but for some strange reason you are beginning to see your mighty page 1 ranking on Google slip.

Why is my website falling in the Google Search Rankings?

The reason could be very simple.

On April 21st 2015, Google introduced a new Search Algorithm that meant that any website that was not ‘mobile friendly‘ (i.e. a website that was not optimised for, views well or responsive to mobile or tablet screens) would begin to be demoted in favour for websites that were mobile friendly.

With 51% of all internet searches being undertaken on mobile, smart of tablet devices it’s no wonder that Google have changed their outlook on mobile.

Getting your website mobile friendly

I’ve been building websites that are responsive and mobile friendly for around 2 years now and can offer you simple solutions to getting your website mobile friendly quickly and easily.

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