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Brand happy.

Anna Jester runs a successful leadership and management consultancy, ‘Jester Consulting’, helping senior managers and business C-suite become effective leaders. The existing brand was feeling rather tired and Anna and her team were looking to move into the creative, gaming and tech sectors. Management consultancy can be rather stuffy, so I went for a playful, fun and vibrant option that mirrored the sectors Anna was looking to break into, as well as the foundation of her formula to become a great leader, you’ve got to be happy. Cue the tagline ‘Lead Happy’ and a smiley face nod in the logo mark.

Jester Consulting Logo Design
Jester Consulting Logo Design White
Jester Consulting Tagline – Lead Happy
Jester Consulting Logo Mark

Smiley culture

Using a vivid simple colour palette, and the ‘smiley jester j’ as a graphic device to underpin all collateral – the look and feel is strong and flexible.

Jester Consulting Print Design
Jester Consulting Icon Design and Infographic Design
Jester Consulting Graphic Device & Imagery

Baz smacked it out of the park. We wanted something cool, and that’s exactly what we got. People regularly ask us who created our brand. Hats off Baz.

Rachel Kelly
Village Manager | Mazing Limited

The website

Designed for impact, built on Wordpress.

Jester Consulting Website Design
Jester Consulting Website Design
Jester Consulting Website Design