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The brief

Standon House in Tamworth is a family-owned and operated care home. With a great backstory, the home was originally founded by Val and David Jefferies – well known in the Catholic Community who wanted to support the elderly in the neighbourhood.

They sunk all of their savings, time and energy into creating a homely care home – and were proud that many members of their own family stayed at home, as well as worked there.

Their Grandson Ryan Jefferies took over during Covid and wanted to refresh the home, the brand while ensuring many of the values that his Grandparents brought to the home and the care, shone through.

Standon House Care Home Logo and Branding
Standon House Care Home Logo and Branding
Standon House Care Home Tagline
Standon House Branding Mood Board
Standon House Care Home Branding Guidelines
Standon House Group Logos Versions

What I delivered

We ran a brand workshop to reveal the story behind the home.

It was quite an emotional story, as Ryan (Grandson of Val, the founder) wanted to maintain their Catholic values, passion and love his grandparents had for the home – while moving the home forwards and trying to modernise (as best as you can modernise a 1930’s building).

A big part of the story was Val – the heart and soul of the home, who would work tirelessly, looking after residents and then somehow found the time to maintain the gardens and cultivate all types of flowers, specifically roses.

The rose seemed like the perfect symbol to pursue. We simplified the rose and wanted to include some photography of the Jefferies family in the home over the years.

With the identity right, it was time to turn to the branding guidelines, how the identity would work for the supported living apartments on the complex (Standon Gardens) and the potential to create a homecare business for Tamworth.

Finally, we created a modern, user-friendly website optimised for local search, those looking for care and the team at Standon to use themselves to update Tamworth about news from home.

Built on Wordpress, and ready to include Standon Gardens, Homecare in the future.

Standon House Care Staff Photography
Standon House Care Staff Photography
Standon House CAre Home Website Design & Build

Final results

A brand that now talks to new customers, helps Standon start to tell its story it’s own way.

A new confidence to start using social media, marketing their home and the assets and skills to deliver their marketing and communications themselves to try and increase private residents and ensure they’re on the radar with local authorities and healthcare providers.

Standon House Care Home Leaflet Designs
Standon House Care Home Brochure Design
Standon House Care Home Signage
Standon House Care Home Social Media Template Design

Awaiting testimonial.

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