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The challenge

The existing branding in place needed to be more consistent, lacked a luxurious feel and needed to be updated. Berkley Care group offers a unique, all-inclusive and quality care offering, with all individual homes in the group carrying their character, look and branding.

Andrew Winstanley, the new Chief Executive Officer, was looking for a brand that could start to tie all the homes into a branded house – instead of separate silos.

He was also looking for a very high-end, 5-star hotel look and feel heading into the sale of Berkley to one of Europes largest care providers, Korian.

Berkley Care Group Logo
Berkley Care Group Tagline
Berkley Care Group Interior

What I delivered

After a branding workshop and much exploration into the luxury sector and what a Care Home brand should look and feel like, I settled on a simple typographic option and the new ‘Living Well’ tagline.

The typography was a modern sans-serif that helps communicate the stability, professionalism and traditional nature of the business – alongside Berkley’s  modern approach to care.

The oval shape was adopted and used as a device to use through any new care home branding (examples being Blenheim House, Jubilee Corner and White Meadow).

The typography used for new homes included serif and sans-serif fonts – which could be changed depending on the home’s character (more modern build, interior, location – opt for a sans-serif etc.).

The colour palette for the group was simple, a dark and jade green—a calming and luxurious colour set.

Berkley Care Group Logo Rationale
Berkley Care Logo Identity and how its used
Berkley Care Home Group Logo Examples
Berkley Care Brochure Design and Logo Designs

The outcome

A more luxurious brand, premium with the flexibility to create numerous new home brands that all had a nod to the parent brand of Berkley. Consistency and a brand that the C-Suite were proud to take into negotiations when selling the business to Korian.

We worked closely with Baz on the branding, and it helped push our look to one of a more luxurious feel. Exactly what we required. A great piece of work.

Andrew Winstanley. Chief Executive Officer, Berkley Care Group